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Numerology in the Scheme of Death & Tragedy

It is common knowledge within Numerology that our date of birth and name creates what we have come here to learn and accomplish. It’s referred to as our Numerical Blueprint.

What is not understood, yet frequently asked about, is how the dates of death and unfortunate circumstances show up within our charts.

The opinion of this Numerologist is – they don’t.

In the thousands of charts I have created, I have never discovered a sure-fire pattern to the dates people choose to leave this Earth.

Oh yes, we could all say that a 5 or 9 day/life path day denotes leaving, but just as many people leave on a 1/8, 2/7, 3/6 day as well. I have also discovered that there is no correlation between one’s Life Path and the date they leave. Let’s try a few examples:

Alyce – Born a 7 Life Path, on an 8 day. She left on a 9 Life Path vibration, 2 day.
Russell – Born a 5 Life Path, on a 6 day. He left on a 6 Life Path vibration, 3 day.
David – Born a 3 Life Path, on an 8 day. He left on an 11 Life Path vibration, 1 day.
Alan – Born a 7 Life Path, on a 3 day. He left on a 6 Life Path vibration, 4 day.
Jennifer – Born a 2 Life Path, on a 4 day. She left on a 7 Life Path vibration, 1 day.

Any good Numerologist, knowing the positive and negatives of each number, can always come up with a story line, if they choose. I choose not to invent what I don’t see as a consistent explanation.

Therefore, it is this Numerologist’s conclusion that our leaving and/or tragic circumstances are between whom we deem as Creator and ourselves. I believe we are given several options of when to depart but at that point, we leave behind the philosophies and practices of this world to work solely with Spirit.