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Numerology – Three Numbers You Can’t Hold Down

Stability and security of a relationship always seems to be the number one question when performing a Numerology reading. Along with the possibility of a Soulmate connection is

the desire to enjoy that feeling forever!

When analyzing the charts of lovers, husbands, wives, and significant others, there are particular numbers that perk up my numerical ears.

1 – Independent, leader. Remember the old saying, “There are too many cooks in the kitchen”? Number 1 can only handle a relationship if they are the boss or at a minimum, have equal time. There’s a real independent need in these individuals and many of them were accredited for being founding fathers of various countries. They don’t need someone holding their hand at all times. If they have a strong desire to fulfill a goal, stand out of their way, or put up with a miserable 1! They may want you, but they don’t need you. There’s a difference.

5 – Adventuresome, “change is my middle name”. Draw up a Numerology spreadsheet of everyone you know and choose everyone with strong 5s in their charts. Tell me what is similar about them. "They don’t stay put and you can’t hold them down." That’s right! These people were born to roam (unless they have incredible amounts of 2s, 4s, and 6s weighing them down). The image of the 5 is the pioneer, the solitary mountain man, and the adventurer. Hold these people back, and soon they will be leaving you. All of life is to be experienced and boredom can absolutely send them running. Feed the variety in their lives, and set them free. Chances are they will come back until it’s time to explore once again.

7 – Hermit, loner. It’s not that these people always have to be on the go, but they certainly will take every opportunity to live alone – even if it’s in their own minds. Find the 7 that chooses to explore by travel, and I’ll show you one of two things. Like the 5, they can actually prefer to escape-through-geography to deal with stress, or they are a writer. Travel is one of the avenues whereby they research for their next story as if wandering into the story itself.  The 7 can actually enjoy observing you more than interacting with you, remaining a mystery in relationships.

If you are strong in the 2s, 4s, and 6s, you may wish to reconsider a long term relationship with those heavily laden with the numbers above. Though opposites attract, you’ll never understand their need to be free and they’ll never understand your view of stability.