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Numerology's 4 Numbers of Money!

The second request behind Love in a reading is generally, “Show Me The Money!” Well then, let’s explore the nickels, dimes, and dollar bills of the four strongest vibrational numbers in Numerology’s bank account.

4 and 8 – I put the 4 and 8 on an even keel except that I generally view 4 as a home based business or self-employment, and I look at the 8 as corporate. That doesn’t always mean it is, but the one thing that we can guarantee about these two numbers is that you’ll work for the money. You can bank on the fact that there will be returns on your investments at the end of the day or project.

Want to always make sure you have funds? Take a small piece of paper and write the number “8” on it. Fold it up and tuck it away inside your wallet. It doesn’t have to be fancy; just do it. You may also discover that it will curb your spending as the 8 is a bit frugal when it comes to dolling out the cash. Remember, one number 8 is enough. Several 8s in your wallet doesn’t make it stronger and you’ll have to add them all up to find out what type of number you’ve created from the multiple.

6 – “I’ll always have what I need.” Notice, I didn’t write “what I want.” If you’re not looking for a savings, and you need some quick cash to cover expenses, 6 is your number.  You won’t win the lottery, but paying the electric bill that month may feel like it.

9 – 9 is the number of the philanthropist, but just like the giver of funds, its easy money that races in fast, and goes out the same way. Think of it as
“I just won $500 on a quick draw lottery!”
“Great, because the refrigerator just died!”

See what I mean?  It’s not my cup of tea, but it works for others.

Have a little fun with this one! 
  • Place a number 8 in the location or on the desk where you pay your bills
  • Tape the number 4 on the wall of a room where you wish to begin a home-based business
  • Be sure to place the 8 in your wallet
  • Enjoy the journey!