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The Numerology Combination That Spells Soulmate

Love can be discovered under any number or any vibration but the combination will determine what type of lover you are drawing to yourself.

For example, 7 is not looked upon as a love connection as it is the loner number of Numerology. Yet, those relationships that start out under this number are generally spiritual in nature. Most likely, the Other Side needed to bring you together because of a joint agreement the two of you created before this incarnation.

However, the combination that really has me bubbling over someone’s chart is when I see the vibration of 2/9. Love joins Old Wisdom from the Past and a possible Soulmate is in the cards!

Those experiencing a 9 Personal Year for 2016, will be in this category for the month of February and you can read the article by clicking here.

If you’re in a 2 Personal Year, look at your number 9 Personal Month (July) and realize that this is the time you can truly draw a Soulmate into your life. This could be someone from your present past, but normally, it’s someone you’ve shared a connection with in a past life.

Don’t be discouraged if they don’t show up on the doorstep in July. It’s also perfect for setting your intentions for them to arrive in the near future.

Soulmates - You have history, but in all fairness, the relationship can be positive or…not so positive. It depends on why you’ve joined again and what lessons you’ve planned with your Guides.