Two Numbers That Announce “It’s Over!”

You know you’ve walked the path and it’s time to move forward. It could be a job, schooling, a relationship, the town you live in, or a hundred other situations you’re experiencing.

In the back of your mind, however, is that gnawing feeling (or want) to bring it to an end. It’s finished. It’s over. There’s a desire to move forward.

What do you start seeing? Flashes of the number 5 and/or 9.

5 is the number of change. It is imminent. We’re chomping at the bit and that antsy feeling is driving us into wanting our freedom. We’re the kid in the candy store and we want it all NOW! And good heavens, let’s move forward!

9 is the number of endings and wrapping up loose ends. It’s the green light that says, “It’s ok. Let go. We’ve got your back.”

Please realize that few things dissolve that you don’t wish to have end. The passing of a loved one or the finality of a relationship involves more than just your life and therefore, you may endure an unwanted closure. But for every door that closes, another one awaits to be opened.

5 and 9. Change and endings. Freedom and new beginnings. What are you waiting for?