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2 & 5 – Can This Relationship Survive?

Opposites attract – or so we have been told. In the case of the 2 and 5, we couldn’t choose a more opposite combo. It’s like oil and water and no amount of shaking can bring them together for very long.

2 – dependency, a follower, love, harmony, homebody, peacefulness, mediation, negotiator, nurturer.

5 – independent, leader of one’s life, freedom, travel, movement, change, adventure, non-conforming, risk taker.

The 2 wants a home-based, loving relationship while the 5 wants to be free and travel the world. 2 is happy with the same routine that they’ve established for themselves, while the 5 cannot stand routine of any kind.

What happens when these two meet? Fireworks! Each represents various factors that the partners are unfamiliar with and want to experience. The other person suddenly appears to be Superman or Wonder Woman and they are off to a great start.

Over time, 2’s dependency holds the 5 back, and 5’s lack of stability has the 2 insecure on a day to day basis. The 2 finds happiness within their home, while the 5 needs that constant movement to be happy. Neither party wishes to understand the other’s lifestyle, and soon they believe the other changed somewhere along the way.

Just as we are not the sum of our Sun sign in Astrology, we are not the totality of our Life Path number in Numerology. We have eight categories that make up our whole personality and therefore, it is wise to compare all the categories before throwing up our hands in defeat.

The 2 and the 5 can get along together if they have other strong categories that are natural or compatible. As long as they understand and accept the idiosyncrasies of each other, and realize that the other will not change, they can embrace their partner’s other gifts to keep the relationship alive.