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2016 - Year of the Monkey VS Numerology

We can all lay odds that when Pythagorean Numerology was being developed around the late 6th century, Pythagoras (considered to be the father of Western Numerology) was not consulting with the Eastern Astrologers. Yet, similarities prevail.

Today, we celebrate the Chinese New Year – the year of the Red Monkey, the 9th animal in the Chinese Zodiac. 2016 is the number 9 in Numerology for the planet Earth. Let’s take a look at a few gifts both will be focused upon this year.

Change – though we most likely associate the keyword change with the 5, the number 9 also represents change in Western Numerology. We are letting go of people, places, and things that no longer fit into the best plan for our lives. Do things get shook up a bit? You bet! This is needed in order to forge ahead with our goals and dreams. Don’t fear the word change because nothing gets accomplished during times of stagnation.

Creative Design – Monkeys are good with their hands and so is the 9 Life Path. It is the healing artist when the number 9 is involved and they will work until their masterpiece touches your soul. If you’re looking to work on any artistic endeavor this year, take a little time to understand your audience first. What would you like them to feel?

Romance -  the Monkey can be sensitive and generous. The Number 9 can also display these traits with their ability to be the caregiver and philanthropist.

Wrap It Up – For the Monkey, this is a time to shed those paths that are not in their best interest. Don’t remain behind and feel sorry about the past. Work at letting it go in order to move forward. The Number 9 represents the same instruction. If it is not in your best interest, 2016 is a time of letting it go and working on solving family issues. If the family member in question is no longer available in your life, you may have to place the past in a perspective that works for you. Spend a little time in meditation confronting these people and work it out to everyone’s highest and best good.