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Are You A 911 Emergency?

Are you the type of person that everyone comes to in order to solve and fix their
challenges? You may discover that you have a 911 vibration.

In the United States, 911 is the telephone number for “Emergency” of any type. When we dial it, the 911 operator (9) immediately knows where you are located (even if you’re on a cell phone), and they are ready for action (1).

It’s the same way with Numerology Power Names. If you’ve noticed that all your friends and acquaintances tend to call you to solve their current break-up, become the psychologist of the morning, need your advice on financial woes, or a 1,000 other emergency life situations, you might be carrying a 911 vibration.

The most common format is a Soul Number of 9, a Personality Number of 1, and a Power Name of 1. There are other combinations but this is the equation that always catches my attention.

What about other countries that do not follow the 911 emergency telephone number?

Let’s break it down even further.

With a Soul Number of 9, it tells the other person that within you is the strong ability to be the caregiver of all their needs. The 1 in the Personality and Power Name Numbers tells them  that you are a person of action. Not only do you have advice ready for them (9), but by golly, you can fix it, too! (1)

911 – I’m here to take your call and solve your needs!