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Are You Tired of Throwing Tarot In Order To Have a Conversation?

It’s the second half of your life. The kids are gone, or interested in other projects. Your friends from your 40s are now losing themselves in their own children and grandchildren.

 No one wants to hang out for a cup of coffee or soda. You’ve even reverted to throwing one hand of tarot after another hoping to have a conversation. 

Of course, there is always social media but like cable television, no one is online today or they’re talking about topics you’re not interested in. Is this all there is?

Did you know that you have a second opportunity, or position in life?
And in waltzes our Maturity Number!  

You will receive by email:
  • Your Unique Numerology Chart(s), including your Destiny and Maturity Numbers
  • Compatibility Charts (if needed)
  • Personal Year/Month Charts 
  • and My Personal Description of Where You Are Headed In the Second Half of Life! This reading will be one that you can read as often as you choose!

Offer good through February 29th, 2016.

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