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Can You Read Tarot and Numerology Together?

You Bet You Can!

One of the more powerful readings I do combines Tarot with the art of Numerology. Find the link between the cards that are thrown, the cards’ numbers when added, the individual’s Numerical Blueprint, and you’ll have a blockbuster message for your client.

How Do You Do It?

First, know the basics of every number in Numerology - both positive and challenging.

Second, know the basics of every Tarot card. Personally, I do not read reversed cards and therefore, I have 72 messages at my interpretation. It can also work if you do read reversed cards.

To start off, let me give an example with a one card reading:

THE MAGICIAN – Card Number 1 in the Tarot deck. We love this fellow and he has the ability to take unseen energy throughout the Universe and create his dreams! It’s an action card that tells us that “Thought Creates Reality”, so think big!

The Number 1 in Numerology is the leader, the inventor, and the pioneer setting off into uncharted lands. S(he) is determined and motivated to follow her/his goals and make them come true. Moss doesn’t grow under this person’s feet. In Tarot, this person would be considered The Magician!

Depending on the question asked by the client, it will be up to you to discover how it fits into the answer. Does it echo the individual’s Life Path Number? Is it instructing them to be more determined and take action? Or can you see a correlation between this one card reading and their Destiny number in life (what they are here to accomplish)?

With knowledge and practice, you will be able to readily see the links between the topic of concern, and the answer within Tarot AND Numerology!

Double Confirmations – they make for formidable readings! (to be continued)