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Can You Read Tarot and Numerology Together? (Part 2)

You Bet You Can!

If you have not read Part 1 of this article, please click here to view it now.

It’s powerful, one validates the answer of the other, and we all love that double confirmation when it comes to sensitive questions asked of the Universe.

In Part 1, I gave a quick example of a one card reading using The Magician from Tarot. But what happens when we have several cards? Once again, you will have to have a basic knowledge of both Numerology (both positive and challenging definitions) and Tarot. Time and practice will give you both.

Example Question and Reading:

Queen of Swords, Six of Cups, Three of Swords

My customer’s unique Numerical Blueprint1, 3, 4, 1, 7*, 7 – 6, 4

Question – Can you tell me where [partner] and I are headed over the next three months?

First, I happen to know that my client is an Air Sign and my intuition tells me that the Queen of Swords is speaking about her. She has moved in with her partner but my eyes gaze instantly at the 3 of Swords – one of heartbreak and unsurety.

Let’s back up first. From being alone (Queen of Swords) to finding that relationship from the past (6 of Cups), there will actually be a time of nurturing (6) and creation of family (6). One partner may be in it for the play (3), while the other is looking for commitment (6). Keep up the gift of communication (3) because in this reading, all that glitters may not be gold. In fact, words spoken in haste (3) and/or gossip can cause heartache in the relationship. There is the opportunity that this relationship will not be everlasting. 

By using the three cards in front of me, this relationship can actually go two ways according to Numerology.

First, I would add up the numbers on the cards straight across. 6 + 3 = 9. (I do not add numbers for the Court Cards).

9 is the number of healing family issues. The couple has this opportunity if both partners choose it. 

It is also the number of endings. Perhaps this relationship is not for the long haul but you will have to go by your gut feeling as to what the Universe is trying to tell you.

Look at their numerical blueprints. Is the Life Path at least compatible? Are their Destiny and Maturity numbers at least compatible and how? With experience working with both divination forms, it will tell you where they are headed in life. If their paths forward cannot agree, it appears that their meeting was for the lessons they opted to experience in this lifetime.

Double Confirmations – they make for formidable readings!