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Customer Question #1: Why Are We Not Soulmates Any Longer?

In Numerology, a Soulmate connection occurs when you can match at least 3 numbers between two individual’s charts. They do not have to be in the same category, and can be used only once per match. That sounds easy, but it is not. However, I use the Rule of 4. I want to see 4 matches, but in your reading I will also tell you that many go by the Rule of 3.

We may have an incredible connection upon meeting someone. We may even continue onward to have a relationship with that individual. That doesn’t mean they are a Soulmate.  In fact, opposites REALLY attract, even in Numerology.

When I create a chart, and I see TNT in the Compatibility column, I already know that this was a matter of opposites attracting. Somewhere in the relationship it went from glorious fireworks to dynamite of the worst kind.

Another answer we must consider is that Yes! You are Soulmates. Soulmates are here to mirror each other and learn the tough lessons together. Sometimes, that individual who contracted with you before this incarnation did so on a basis that it was “just not going to be fun!” Again, creating one’s chart will tell you whether you have one of these partners in life.

Soulmates never stop occupying that position with you, even when they are no longer part of your journey.

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