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Customer Question #2: Can You Tell Me Something Regarding Bernie Sanders & Donald Trump?

Donald John Trump
June 14, 1946
1, 11/2, 3, 5, 4*, 11/2 – 5, 9

Bernard Sanders
Bernie Sanders
September 8, 1941
7, 9, 7, 8, 5*, 8 – 7, 3

This is always an interesting question whether it has to do with present or past political and historical figures.  Here we have two political opponents – one on the Republican side, one on the Democratic side.

According to Numerology, Mr. Trump bears two very strong numbers in two strong categories (1, 4). 4 is a business number with organization as a keyword. The 1 Soul Number speaks of being a leader in no matter what profession or goal he wishes to attain. These two numbers (though challenges to each other) are his strong points when it comes to creating a successful business.

His Public Relations ability (no matter what you may think of it) is accentuated by the two 5s and the 3 of communication. They are placed in categories whereby he can use them to his best good. 5 loves to take on an adventure, listen to peoples' stories, and doesn’t always play by Society’s rules. Had he not had these 5s, his 4 Life Path may have stopped him from taking risks in business.

Most people are going to look at the Master Number 11s and point them out. I wish to also point out that the 11s are in the categories of Personality and Attitude. Both of these categories indicate how others perceive him and therefore, may not be his attributes at all. Therefore, I’m not going to address them.

I will address the 9 Maturity Number which is currently in play during this portion of his life. 9 is the number of the caregiver, the philanthropist (characterized perhaps by him paying for his own campaign), and the service provider. Public service also fits into this category. Therefore, it was not unusual that during this time of his life, he chose to run for office. 

Can he run a business, for surely the United States IS a business. Yes, he can, as seen by his own personal businesses. His ability to negotiate, however, will be an introduction of the 5s. 5 is a compassionate number in Numerology and therefore tempers the 1 / 4 pitbull, it’s-my-way-or-the-highway combination.

Mr. Bernie Sanders – the first thing I see are three 7s in strong categories. 7 is the number of the spiritual seeker, mystery, the Loner, detective work, psychology, research, and observation. It is not a choice as to whether he has a spiritual or philosophical outlook  - it’s a necessity. The 7, however, will not be shoving it down anyone’s throat. It can describe as a Live and let live attitude, as he has his own journey in life, and this can reflect at times as The Hermit. 

The 7 is a wild card in the area of business and finance. The 7 doesn’t have financial gain as their focus and the 5 likes to spend money (Trump as two of these as well).  However, born on an 8 day, I like this hard hitting business number to help temper the 7.

As I am a 7, I’m going to pick on Mr. Sanders just a bit, but with three of them in his chart, this is a fellow who can hold his cards close to his chest. He’s never going to reveal “it all”. You’re never going to find out everything he’s thinking, everything about him, or everything he has planned. This is a man who can take a secret to the grave, or keep something from the American people. (That’s not always a bad trait). He will, however, have all his ducks in a row before revealing the answer, the conclusion, or the outcome.

Both gentlemen have enough 5s and 3s to interact socially with the American People and participate in change and movement.

One question that was asked was, who is more apt to go to war? The answer – both. They both have strong military numbers (1, 4, 8) in strong categories.