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Customer Question #3: Can You Offer Some Information on the Numerology Charts of Clinton and Cruz?

Ted Cruz
Rafael Edward Cruz

December 22, 1970
8, 8, 7, 22/4, 6* 7 – 4, 1

Hillary Diane Rodham
Hillary Rodham Clinton
October 26, 1947
5, 5, 1, 8, 3*, 9 – 6, 9

When looking at the charts of Democratic candidate Senator Clinton and Republican candidate Senator Cruz, I am looking at two very different individuals.

Senator Cruz has all the makings of business and finance as his goals in life (4, 8). I won't research and comment on how well he has managed this within his life – only that he has the numbers.  

With the combination of 1, 4, and 8, this is a man who knows how to make a decision, but not necessarily taking into account anyone else’s perspective (7). 

He’ll fight for what he wants, always believing that his way is the right way (22/4, 1). 

The one number that stands alone in this chart is his Life Path of 6 – nurturing, family man. However, standing alone it does not offer balance against the strength of the other numbers.

With one look at Mrs. Clinton’s chart, I can see that it’s totally the opposite when it comes to business/finance. 

The 5s, 3, 6, and 9s offer nothing in the way of “investments at the end of the day.” These are not strong numbers when it comes to money. They are all basically “easy come, easy go” with the pocketbook. 

She can absolutely hold her own on public relations and negotiations (9, 5, 3), making people feel like a community (6) that is cared for (9, 6).  

I don’t believe that the 1/8 combination is strong enough in their particular categories to successfully see her goals to fruition. This would have to be accomplished with the people with whom she surrounds herself.