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February 9, 2016 - Time To Call In Your Soulmate!

For all those in a 9 Personal Year, you will be able to set your intentions and call in your Soulmate during the entire month of February.

BUT! Tomorrow, February 9, 2016, the numerical vibration of the planet will be 9/11/2. If you read my article The Numerology Combination That Spells Soulmate, you’ll know that this is the Soulmate vibration about which I wrote.

Therefore, the entire planet will have the opportunity to set their intentions, create a vision board with your ideal partner in mind, pray, ask for a Benevolent Outcome, or any number of rituals that you deem appropriate for calling in your Soulmate! 

As we will also be in the 3 day window of the New Moon (February 8th – 11th), take this opportunity if you are interested in a new lover, partner, and/or Soulmate.