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Leap Day –A Psychic Jump Start to The Rest of 2016

Every four years, we get to experience the Leap Day of February 29th. The first two numbers in its daily vibration are always the same (11, 4), but the last number varies depending on the year.

2016 brings us a very special combination!


The two strongest categories for Monday, February 29th, 2016 happen to be filled with Master Numbers and much will be expected and provided for all of us on the planet.

11 – Motivate, encourage, and inspire those around you, including yourself.  As these three are business numbers of Numerology, you’re being requested to not only be the change you wish to see on the planet, but review what you do for a living. Do you love what you do? What do you feel within? Are you biding your time or chasing after your dream? Are you doing what makes you happy?

22 – The Master Teacher (and student, many times). When we are visited by the 22, we are not always the Teacher. Instruction can be coming from other people or from the Universe. Today, listen from within. Listen to the still small voice within your soul – there are messages to be given to you personally today. Take a moment or two to find a quiet space and listen for answers. Trust the answers you receive. 

With all the 2s circulating today, this is a vibration that can cause a lot of emotion. Gather this emotion and use it to TRUST YOUR GUT FEELINGS! Your intuition is running incredibly high today, as is psychic understanding.

As many of us spend more time at our professions, it only makes sense that we pursue something we love and this is one reason we chose this incarnation. 

Utilize the gifts of the Universe today to find that place to start anew or expand what you're already accomplishing.