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Numerology and the Full Moon in Virgo – February 22, 2016

Numerical Vibration
of the Day: 22/6/6

When the Virgo Full Moon appears this month on February 22, 2016, its location in the Astrological wheel will be asking us to focus upon our beliefs. Are they working for you? Are there details that you no longer identify with? It’s time to reassess what and how we believe.

This is not unusual for in Numerology we are looking at the Master Teacher of 22. 

Highly intuitive and psychic (2), she is of a nurturing nature (6), wanting the highest and best for us. (22)

When it comes to spirituality, where would you like to see yourself, and what do you wish to learn?

This is an excellent combination of vibrations, both astrologically and numerically, to seek out those avenues through study (22) that you’d like to explore. Don’t entertain the idea of being perfect, but strive to have a belief system that accentuates the positive, bringing love and hope within your life.

If you have outgrown the path you are currently on, consider finding a new one to explore.