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Numerology and Loving The Super Solar Eclipse - March 8, 2016!

Drawing our attention to the Pisces Full Moon on March 8, 2016, we discover that through Astrology, the overall theme speaks to us of Love, compassion, and forgiving oneself.

In the realm of Numerology, the vibration of the day is 8/11/2. The 11 and 2 represent peacefulness, harmony, intuition, and love - love for others and love of self.

The Master Number of 11 asks us to take it even a higher step with encouragement, motivation, and inspiration for yourself and others.

What can you share on March 8th that will lift the spirits of those around you? What can you accept for yourself that boosts you forward?

8 represents business, finance, health, and looking good! If you’re in need of beginning and/or changing anything within those categories, it will be a fantastic day to set your intentions. Let the Universe know what you desire and have some step in mind to begin taking ACTION! The 8 is die-hard on action, it knows how to make a decision, and can carry out the plans when asked.

In the interim, take this opportunity to decide what you want to change and begin creating a ritual for that day. Make it as simple or complex as you like and enjoy the new you!