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Numerology And The New Moon – February 8, 2016

On February 8th, 2016, the planet Earth will experience a New Moon in Aquarius. In astrology, this is a time to begin new jobs, relationships, and/or goals.

In Numerology,the vibration for the day is 8/1/1 which is a combination that spells out ACTION! Two very hard-hitting energies will meet that day (8, 1) and with these two on your side, decision making, energy, and accomplishment are at their best. You only have to accept the gift and take off with it!

What’s your goal(s) for 2016? January felt a bit slow, but February brings more lightweight vibrations for us to enjoy.

Perhaps you only have a faint idea as to what you wish to accomplish or perhaps you really do know what you wish to manifest. Believe it or not, even having an idea is a start. What you focus upon (whether positive or negative) is what the Universe is rushing to create for you! Choose your thoughts wisely!

Take this New Moon time to make yourself a Vision Board. YES, they work and many of us have used them quite successfully. Though the 8 would love to have you down at the craft store buying a lot of expensive materials to make the board, you can do it quite inexpensively. Either way will still work.

Today, surf online for pictures that depict your hopes and dreams. Print them out, cut them out, and stick them either on a craft board, on the wall, on a window, wherever you can view them often. The more you see them, the faster it will be given to you.

Enjoy yourself!
Make it fun!
Get ready to receive!