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Numerology Blueprints - How Do I Change Him/Her?

It’s not uncommon in the course of a Compatibility Reading to hear the phrase, “Ok, I understand that’s their numerical blueprint. So…how do we change him/her?”

When two individuals propose to begin a relationship, the numerical vibrations begin to meld and suddenly natural, compatible, and/or challenging aspects come to the surface.

At first when we meet, we may believe we’ve met our Soulmate, but with time some of us may wonder, “What were we thinking?”

Wishing the other person will change has been around since the dawn of time. At best it’s an impossible request, but in the world of Numerology there are several steps we can consider.

1. How many challenging aspects do the two of you possess? Did you know that in the beginning, challenging numbers actually attract? With time, they’re just not that pleasant. Figuring out your Numerical Blueprints will give you the answer to this question.

2. This may seem simple, but it just might do the trick. Do you have pet names for each other or does either of you have a nickname? When figuring out your Numerical Blueprints, you will also have to have an additional column for the nickname you use.

If either person uses two last names, you’ll have to have two columns for that one as well.

When you call yourself by another name (either first or last), you actually draw different Soul, Personality, and Power Name numbers. By finding and using the compatible name between you, tensions can be relieved.

3. Accept the idiosyncrasies and look for the good that can be produced by this relationship.

You cannot change someone’s Day of Birth, Life Path Number, Destiny, and/or Maturity number to fit your lifestyle. However, you can discover the strengths you two share and begin focusing on them.

If you cannot, then this individual may not be in your life for the long haul.

We all bring gifts to each relationship. If this is a long term relationship, celebrate the good, look to yourself to learn acceptance for the challenges, and discover ways of incorporating them into your lives.