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Valentine's Day, 2016 - We're All Alone With Others

Just when you thought you were the only one alone for Valentine's Day, along comes February 14th, 2016.

You know what that means! Perhaps you're thinking that those candy-filled hearts will never have your name on them and that every single couple in the world is raising the bar with their fiery passion. Think twice.

There will always be those couples that defy the odds, but let's take a peek at the Numerical Vibrations of February 14th, 2016.

The vibration this year will be 5/7/7. Broken down, we have 

5 - the number of freedom, non-commitment, and wander-lust. It's a cerebral number, so we aren't looking for warm and cuddly. We just want to see what's over the next mountain, or perhaps the next country, read a book, or take in a new adventure movie. 

7 - the loner number of Numerology! Visualize the Hermit in Tarot (with all his gifts) and you're all set. 

Put those two together and you'll find the planet Earth's vibration for Valentine's Day. It will take effort on the parts of all persons to gravitate to a place of togetherness and actually avoid feeling the emotions outlined. 

Before you begin writing that day off completely, here's a short list of what those two numbers do really well:
  • make a special supper for yourself
  • write off boxes of candy for fantastic snack food of one's choice
  • travel to enjoy a museum, library, art show, historical presentation, mystical escapade, divination reading (7), visit a new age shop, etc. 
  • purchase an adventure packed DVD you've ALWAYS wanted to see
  • surf the web for topics that interest you
  • and participate in a wide variety of hobbies you've been putting off!