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A Baby's Name - Numerology Chooses The Better Business Name

Recently, I was contacted regarding the naming of a first born son. They are considering two names but requested that I choose the one that would create a better businessman.

Jack Reagan or Jackson Reagan

The two names are listed below with their Soul, Personality, and Power Name numbers.

Jackson Reagan – 5, 33/6, 11/2
Jack Reagan – 8, 9, 8

As this child has yet to be born, we can only deal with his name. Naturally, there are other categories to be filled once we have a birth date. However, today we will just examine his name which will most likely not change as he is male. (Female names are more apt to change through marriage).

Jack Reagan brings two 8s and one 9 – the 9 in the Personality Category. The Personality Number is how others will view him and in this case, one that cares about his customer. The 8 in the positions of Soul and Power Name reflects business, career, finance, decision making, health, and most often a real workaholic. This is the name of one who can operate within a corporation, or start his own business. With the double 8s, he will work additionally hard to make sure he is a success.

Jackson Reagan would make a very fine family man with the 33/6 and 11/2, but none of these numbers are successful money numbers. 2 is the lesser of the business number who tends to give services away, 5 will spend the money, and 6 will have just enough to meet the bills. Unless this individual is born on a strong financial day, this is not the name I would readily assign to a businessman.

As for the Master Numbers within the latter name, master numbers do not always denote wealth in a financial sense. The closest Master Number that I would assign for business/wealth would be the 22/4, because 4 is a strong business number. It’s organized, does not take a lot of risks, and works hard for their money. Investments can be theirs at the end of the day.