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April 7th, 2016 Aries New Moon - Changing Chaos to Structure

April’s New Moon on April 7, 2016 falls in Aries and you will discover how it affects you by looking at your natal chart to find out in which house 18 degrees of Aries is located. 

Due to the astrological aspects of this new moon, we are being asked to go a little slower when it comes to love and money.

Perhaps there are areas in your life that require change because they have grown stale.

For others, that feeling of being blocked or stuck in a particular situation will pop up for them to address.

Have you been questioning your spiritual or philosophical belief systems? This new moon will ask you, “Are they working for you? If not, where would like to go?”

In Numerology, the vibration of the day is 7/11/2*. 

The 7 is the Spiritual Seeker and when it appears, we are led to examine

why we are here

what is our destiny in life, 

how can we achieve it?

We will also reexamine our spiritual or religious convictions. If they do not serve us well, we may begin looking in other directions, and under the 7, we tend to want to study these options more.

With Uranus leaving the square with Pluto after all these years, we are now going to watch chaos transform to structure. Both the 7 and 2 are not numbers that support chaotic, or continually changing behavior.

If your life appears to have been shaken up over the past several years, the good news says, “It’s now time to get on track."

Finances and relationships will be our focus during this time.

If any of these categories have been of concern to you, the new moon on April 7th, 2016 will be a great time to set your intentions with mantras, Vision Boards, Benevolent Outcomes, prayers, or affirmations.

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