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Elections, Hitler, And The Master Numbers

I don't know about other countries outside the United States, but here it just wouldn't be a presidential election without its citizens comparing the candidates to Adolf Hitler. Most often it is used as a fear tactic to manipulate votes. It gets a bit old. 

This year, I decided to post a Numerology outline for the man to whom we attribute too much fascination. For those who follow Numerology, this is a lesson on the "other side."

It’s not unusual that historical figures (particularly those who fill the role of President, Prime Minister, or King/Queen) have a Master Number strategically placed. And in the Numerical Chart of Adolf Hitler, he actually had three Master Numbers, including that "Humanitarian" 9 as a Life Path. So, what went wrong?

Before you throw your hands up in the air declaring Numerology should be tossed out, every number has positive and negative traits. I rarely talk about the negative. 

On the positive side of Master Number 11, we are encouraged to motivate, enlighten, and encourage those around us to be the best that they can be. Master Number 11s are here to make a mark on the people they influence. However, they will have to first walk in the shoes of those they will inspire as to fully understand people. Empathy, sympathy, and knowledge is learned through the hard knocks of life. 

So why did this man go down in history as a monster with all those 11s in his chart?

We are given free will and in the case of multiple numbers within the same chart, we may actually have to address the negative side of those numbers to bring balance into our lives. Again, we have the opportunity to follow those negative traits or place them in perspective for the good of ourselves and others.

The negative side of the Number Two can lead to depression, harmful or self-sacrificing, low self-esteem, hatefulness, obsessiveness, non-adaptable, over-emotional, moody, being a puppet for others, and easily upset. In feeling that they are not receiving the attention they need, they may act out in unacceptable ways to be noticed and in an attempt to be appreciated.

The negative side of the 9 (his Life Path) is one who accepts no blame, expects perfection from everyone around them, acting inhumanly towards others, and being overly greedy. 

I believe we all can come to our own conclusions as to the practices of these negative traits. 

Unless one shares the exact same name, birth date, and Numerical blueprint as the man, and then practices the negative side of his/her numbers, no individual today should be compared to him. He was an act of his own.