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How Does Numerology Define a Soulmate Connection?

We’ve heard of the term “Soulmate” and each person has their idea of what that means.

Let’s take a look at how Numerology discovers a Soulmate connection.

Each individual has eight categories. Looking across each row, we determine whether that particular category is a Natural, Compatible, or Challenging vibration to each other. However, to discover if it is a Soulmate connection, we look at it a bit differently.

I’m using my Numerical Blueprint as an example, comparing it to two individuals with whom I am acquainted. To discover if we are soulmates, I match the numbers one on one regardless of the category in which they land. (I have bolded the matches in red).  You may only use each number one time. For example, I have two 7s, but the other individual only has one 7. I can only count one 7. 

The rule in general Numerology is a match of three numbers, though I follow the rule of four numbers. Sounds easy enough to make us all Soulmates, doesn't it? Yet, out of 12 possible numbers per category, I only have five different numbers. It's not as easy as it appears.

According to the charts above, I am a Soulmate to Partner A, but NOT to Partner B. We have a very close friendship, and have been friends for a number of years. It does not, however, make us Soulmates.

In fact, you may discover in your own circle of friends and acquaintances that you are Soulmates with a person whom you do not like at all! Soulmates are here for the big lessons in life and not to always be your best friend. They also are not always here for a long relationship.

If you are familiar with creating Numerology charts, see how many friends, family members, and acquaintances are your Soulmates!

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