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March 23, 2016 Lunar Eclipse - Which Relationship Will End?

The Lunar Eclipse in Libra occurs on March 23, 2016 and as many astrologers know, it’s a time of endings.

In this eclipse, Libra brings about relationship endings, but you don’t have to immediately believe it’s personal. There are all types of relationships: personal, business, neighbors, family, employees, employers, clubs, social media, etc. Generally, I feel these endings are also desired by both partners and not just one.

Where does Libra land in your Astrological chart? In Astrology, it will give you an idea of the type of relationship you are addressing.

In Numerology, the vibration of the day is 5/8/8* – a change with employers, employees, business, finances, clients, customers, or anyone else with whom you have a working relationship.

You may have a working relationship with a spouse or significant other. That doesn’t mean you will lose the connection with them, but you may redefine how you work together.

You may also choose to end/change a career that you’ve been practicing. When 5 pairs with 8, we really begin scrutinizing what we do for a living and/or wanting that all important promotion we’ve had our eyes set upon. Don’t worry about the emotions that come with this vibration. It’s what eggs us forward into new territory!

Where would you like to see life taking you in your job or finances? Focus upon the ending result and not on the "how to" aspects. The Universe will take care of that portion for you!