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Saddle the Chickens, We Ride to Texas - Too Much Of A Good Thing!

Your Life Path is a 7 – loner, student, researcher, detective, observer, philosopher, and psychologist.

You move to a State/Country that’s a 7, and perhaps even a county/city/town that’s a 7 as well. 

Should be great, right?

Not exactly.

Even 7s get lonely, 5s can get burned out on parties, 4s need a break from the analyzing, and 2s become too emotional when they are surrounded by the exact same number.

Every number has an array of natural, and compatible numbers that we can mix-match to spice up our lives.

And don’t exclude the challenging number if it temporarily brings a quality that you need at the present time.

If you’re a 7 Life Path like I am, a 1 may bring a gung-ho attitude for accomplishing more tasks or goals, but it may also bring more independence and seclusion to your life. 5 may be a welcomed relief if you’re looking for a better social life or if you have a job that takes you on the road. 4 could be right up your alley if you’re a writer, and love the challenge of research and study. It also brings you a sense of “home” which most people appreciate.

What are yours?

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