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Was That My Guide Speaking To Me? Two Easy Ways To Know The Difference!

Tomorrow night (March 22, 2016), we experience the Libra full moon lunar eclipse. During this time, it is very common for people to tap into their Guides (or Universe) and ask some serious questions. With the moon in Libra, we know that some relationships will be ending, and so many of us will be wanting to know how that affects us.

It would be easy to state, "Listen to your Guides", but how many of you still have difficulty knowing when it's you or your Guides that are trying to get your attention?

What type of messages do you receive when you listen for answers? Are they loud, judgmental, and/or negative? Those are not your Guides as they always see the big picture, and want the very best for you.

In fact, many times, they'll get your attention by using clinches you wouldn't typically use or phrases that will make you laugh because it's a bit out of character. 

Listen with your heart and not always with your head. How did it feel to receive that message? Even when it's one of instruction "for your own good", your soul will recognize it.

Another way of knowing if your Guides are speaking to you is to watch for numbers. 

Your Guides will use numbers to grab your attention! 

We all wish the messages would come across the sky in our native language so that there was no guess work. And chances are, if we had to locate messages in word form, we'd miss most of them.

But when we frequently look at the clock and see repetitive numerals such as 2:22, or 555 consistently pops up in papers, license plates, or perhaps places like storefront windows, we need to figure out what they mean using Numerology. You're being given a message.

If the meaning of numbers is easier for you to apply to your life, ask your Guides to communicate with you in that manner. Those who are open to communicating with them, will discover that they will meet you half way. 

It is noted that the three days prior and the three days after the full moon still hold the energy the full moon provides. Would you like to have your Numerology Reading held during these dates? Just click here and choose the reading of your choice!