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Your Personal 8 Year Numerology Vibrations for April, 2016 (Personal 3 Month)

Your Overall Numerology Vibrations
for April, 2016
To find your personal year for 2016, add your birth month, date, and 2016 together. Then, reduce it to one number.
For example: If you were born January 26th, you will change the month to a number (January being the 1st month - December being the 12th month) as the following: 1+2+6+2+0+1+6=18; 1+8=9. If your equation adds up to 11 or 22, write it as 11/2 or 22/4.  

If you are in an 8 personal year for 2016, April is a 3 personal month. To view your overall 2016 theme vibrations, please click here.

Well, it’s about time. If March was a bit too emotional for you, it’s almost behind you and you’re headed for the 3 Personal Month.

We love 3 because it’s a time of laughter, playfulness, and meeting new people. As the 8 has more to do with business, this could mean customers or clients, or new co-workers.

Perhaps your business needs a bit of brightening. April wants to change the advertising to something fresh and new, change the storefront windows to sunny and inviting, and spice up the letterhead or business cards to grab peoples’ attention. 

Are you opening a new business in April or fairly soon? Take this opportunity to advertise and network your good news! The 3 is the number of network and communication. Let as many people know as possible.

Whatever your creative gift is, utilize it to the most when it comes to business in April.

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