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April 22, 2016 Full Moon - Conflict or Hope?

The Scorpio full moon of April 22, 2016 comes amid a time where we will experience an abundance of Mars energy. Some call it nervous tension; others describe it as conflict and ultimate resolution. But the one thing that the astrologers seem to agree upon is that it’s a rock n rollin’ time of “hang onto to your seat.” 

We are reminded that in the days following the Full Moon, we will be asked to clean up our houses between 23 degrees of Scorpio and 9 degrees of Sagittarius. (You’ll have to view your Natal chart to find out how that affects you).  However that touches your life, is what you need to focus upon.

In Numerology, the full moon lands on a vibrational day of 22/8/8*. The Master Teacher (22) will be joining the energy of 8 which outlines business, finance, decision making, military, judgement, health, makeovers, and our immediate living surroundings. When double 8s are present, accidents are more common, so don’t allow the dare-devil to come out in you.

Though the Master Teacher is our main focus, the lessons are not always challenging. With the two 2s, the ability to trust your gut feelings and/or intuitive nature will become stronger. Listen to the still, small voice within and do not second guess what you are hearing. (Your guides never speak in a condescending manner, so don’t listen to those ego based statements).

For those unfamiliar with Numerology but well versed in Tarot, think of the Master Teacher as two High Priestesses – only they know the outcome and it is for your highest and best good. Our job is to trust and believe, to have hope and rest in the future as it unfolds.

In this season of the Scorpio Full Moon, create Sacred Space, if you haven’t already. Live in a Tiny Home with limited space? So do I – 220 square feet. Make it a corner. Make it the entire bedroom. Allow it to share a tiny portion of the dining table. Keep it clean and fresh. Decorate that space with only those things that make you happy and smile. Visit it often and while there, manifest your dreams. Trust. Hope. Believe.

There are those who prefer their readings performed during the New or Full Moon vibrations. I will be opening up more evening appointments for those wishing to schedule a reading between April 20th and 25th. Please email me to take advantage of this opportunity today. Thank you!