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Changes In Attitude - April 5, 2016

In Numerology, the vibration of today is 5/9/9*. 

Change. Endings. Movement. Moving on. Compassion. Humanitarianism.

We never need to worry about those things we do not wish to change or end.

However, if the change centers upon another person(s), we cannot control their ability to move forward or to remain the same. We can only control our own wants and needs.

Is there something in your life you would like to see altered? It may be as simple as a habit, a dietary regiment, or exercise program. Perhaps it is more complex such as a personal relationship, seeking employment, or finding a new place to live.

Set your intentions today in the shadow of the New Moon (two days from now) and expect answers! The Aries New Moon is a powerful one and one that will not give up.

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