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Did You See What They Said On My Site?!

As an individual who has a divination business online, I was asked recently how I address negativity towards my social media sites and also on my website.

Anyone who is in the business of spirituality soon learns that there is little that is spiritual in the spiritual field. You and the car mechanic down the road have a lot in common when it comes to marketing, performance, accounting, and living off your income.

Unfortunately, you’ll probably have more negativity than he does thrown your way. No one is going debate that a spark plug exists, but everyone will be there to debate the beginning of Creation.  We all have our own ideas, and we’re only expressing our belief systems with our customers. Unlike the mechanic, we are running totally on Faith – the belief in things unseen.

That does not always fair well with those who feel they know the “real way." Did you see Monty Python’s movie, “The Life of Brian?” There is a scene whereby the crowd is debating what to follow. “Follow the Shoe”, “No, it’s a Sandal – Follow the Sandal”, “Follow The Gourd”. It was a play on all the various religions. All items belonged to the same man, yet they perceived how to do it differently. The same behavior still persists today.

When setting up a social media site, remember that it is your site, and your beliefs. You are welcome to keep control of your site at all times. Therefore, I always advise business owners to choose the option "acquire approval" before anyone's messages are posted.

You will always have the individuals (and there are many) who will not take the time to set up their own sites, write their own articles, or create their own videos. Yet, they will be happy to advertise from yours. When a business owner has numerous years of content on the Internet, it is not acceptable to me to see another criticizing and advertising from the owner's website when they themselves have not put in the time and effort on sites of their own. And you generally never receive that type of behavior from other business owners producing the same product and of good standing.

Do not feel guilty about protecting your beliefs, and your writings. They are of your creation, and you are allowed to be heard just as they are allowed to be heard – from their own site.

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