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Do You Throw Tarot When You'd Really Rather Have A Conversation?

It's the second half of your life. The kids are gone or interested in other projects. Your friends from your 40s are now losing themselves in their own families, and it's getting harder to find someone who just wants to hang out for a cup of coffee or soda. 

You've even reverted to throwing one hand of tarot after another hoping to have a conversation with the "crowd invisible."

Of course, there is always social media but like cable television, no one is online this evening, or your timelines are filled with uninteresting topics. Is this all there is?

You Have A Second Opportunity, or Position In Life!

Your Numerology Maturity Number, that was given to you at birth, describes the gift you will receive when you're heading into your 50s. Though most Readers push it aside, I truly enjoy letting people know how to redirect their attention to accepting the second opportunity the Divine offers us. 

It's not time to hang it up yet. You're just being asked to enjoy a different lifestyle!

It would be my pleasure to show you:
  • Your Unique Numerology Chart(s), including your Maturity Number and your Destiny in life
  • Your Compatibility Charts (if needed) with another individual
  • Your Personal Year/Month Charts
  • How to use all the information above to discover the exciting possibilities during this stage of life!

By Clicking Here, you can choose the service or appointment of your choice (even through email), 

Together, let's discover how to turn those "throws" into real conversations!