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I Have WAY Too Much Going On In My Life! Where Do I Start?

Blame it on the 5 retrograde planets. Blame it on the Earth's Personal 9 Year of shedding stuff we don't need. Or...perhaps it's just life, but we need to start somewhere.

What are my Personal Priorities and how do I set them?

Numerology has a fantastic way of providing you with a unique Numerical Blueprint, that outlines your strengths, your destiny in life (no, not your Life Path), and thank heavens - your Personal Year and Months.

Each month tells you what your focus will be upon and how you can take those challenges one month at a time.

Do you have your notepad and pen ready? Need some answers of where to start and in which order you should take all the challenges and projects in your life? 

Or visit my website services page and together we'll create your outline based on your personal 2016 year. From hour sessions to email readings, there's something for everyone!