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Let's Celebrate the Master Number 11!

I am in a Personal 11 Month and today is an 11 day!

The Master number 11 states that we must encourage, motivate, and uplift those around us. It is a way of giving back what we have received.

From April 10 through midnight of April 11, I will be performing 30 minute readings on a donation basis. You name the price and I will bill you!

Once payment is received, I will notify you by email and I will need the following information:

1. Your everyday name, first and last, as you would introduce yourself to me.
2. Your full name as it appears on your birth certificate, first/middle/last ( this is your destiny number)
3. Your birth date (mm/dd/yyyy)
4. A telephone number that I can reach you at and
5. Include a few topics/ concerns that you want to make sure I address.

Thank you for reading my ad and be sure to take advantage of this opportunity!