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Numerology - Can It Predict Death?

I'm sure there is a Numerologist out there right now stating that Yes! Death can be predicted by your numerical blueprint. They may even take your money to show you how.

Out of the thousands of charts I have created, I haven't found that absolute link yet. Just start with your families, and the answer will not be there. 

Yes, we could say that 2016 is a 9 Personal year for the planet, and that 9 is about endings, wrapping it up, and leaving something behind. But NOT all people exit on an Earth's 9 year. NOT all people exit on their own personal 9 year. In fact, some of their numbers are downright lovely when they choose to leave. 

So why now? I believe we would do better by taking a look at reincarnation, stating all these performers came in together, they made a pact, and they decided to "sort of" leave together. It would make more sense than trying to find a mathematical equation. But that's probably not it either.

The other option is common sense. They are in the proverbial fish bowl. We all know them, so when they begin leaving, our ears are perked up and our senses are more on edge. 

Tell me, did any of you know Leona Webb of Cook, Nebraska, because she died two days ago. Matthew Daly of Bankston, Iowa had his funeral today. Did you know him? And Shirley Meyer of Hot Springs, Arkansas, passed away yesterday in her home. Did you know her? No. Probably not.

Every single day, thousands upon thousands of people nationwide pass away. We don't know their names, and we'll never know their faces. They are not in the spotlight, but they all left on the same day. It's just the way of the world.

The more that time passes, and the older we get, the more the passing of others will touch our lives. There was a moment when "old people" passed away. Now, they're your parents, your schoolmates, and at times, your schoolmates' children. Mortality is sitting on your doorstep asking you to find a philosophy of life in order to accept this cycle - if you have not found one already.

Death. It's a word as simple as birth. Life. Change. End. Beginning. And I believe that our endings are truly a final decision between ourselves and that entity we deem as God. 

(photograph by The Mirror, April 21, 2016,