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Second Quarter Moon in Leo & Numerology - May 14, 2016

Much is written about the New and Full Moons and their effect upon us. But little is written about the 2nd and 4th quarter moons that give off their own vibrations. 

The Half Moon - I have learned that it all depends on which camp you subscribed to as to whether you call them 1st or 2nd, 3rd or 4th.

No matter which number you subscribe to, we can all agree that it's the Waxing Half Moon in Leo - its appearance is growing larger. 

On May 14th, 2016, the energy of the Waxing Half Moon is asking us to tweak all the seeds we planted on the May 6th Taurus New Moon.

Do you still want them? Did your intentions involve money, love, emotions, creativity, or something you are very passionate about? Leo will definitely have us looking at the self, our goals in life, and how we wish those intentions to change or stay. 

In Numerology, Saturday, May 14th is a 5/1/1 day. Cerebral in nature, 5 is the poster number for CHANGE, while 1 knows how to make the decisions.

Whatever you set your intentions towards on the Taurus New Moon, this moon is telling you that it's ok to change it a bit. Perhaps you placed a photo on your Vision Board, but it's not quite right. Change it (5). 

With the double 1s, we have decisions to make, so hone into the strong, independent power of 1. Take some time for yourself, and ask if this is what you really want.

This is the phase to create or redesign new intentions and let the Universe know exactly what you desire and need. 

There are those who choose to utilize the power of the moon phases in order to schedule their Numerology-Tarot readings. If you would like a reading around the time of this Waxing Half Moon (especially if your theme is change), please click here to choose your session. If have questions about any of the sessions I offer, feel free to email me at Thank you for reading!