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Your Personal 2/11 Year Numerology Vibrations for July, 2016 (9 Personal Month)

To find your personal year for 2016, add your birth month, date, and 2016 together. Then, reduce it to one number. For example: If you were born January 26th, you will change the month to a number (January being the 1st month - December being the 12th month) as the following: 1+2+6+2+0+1+6=18; 1+8=9. If your equation adds up to 11 or 22, write it as 11/2 or 22/4.

If you are in a 2/11 personal year for 2016, July is an 9 personal month.

Accelerated intuition meets old wisdom from the past. If there is any other time to trust your gut feelings, July is the time!

The difficult part about the intuitiveness of the 2, is that it “second guesses” itself. Write down your Universal messages and act upon them at a later date. As time goes on, you'll discover the truth as it relates to you.

It's time to enjoy your relationships and family, whether biological or family of choice. However, with the 9 present, you may discover that you'll be asked to settle a few family disputes or work on healing a painful past. This can be done with or without the person that you feel has wronged you. 

Encourage conversation this month, be open to new topics around relationships, talk slowly and listen often. Gather family for an impromptu reunion or dinner party.

For those of you “looking for love” and wishing a soulmate connection - this is one of my favorite combinations. “Love from the past” can be yours for the asking. Will they appear this month? Not necessarily, but this is a perfect time to put in your order to the Universe. Be precise, and write it out. Then, read it aloud to the Universe and stick it on your refrigerator, mirror, laptop – wherever you see it the most!

And remember, he/she is out there wondering where you are as well.

Are you in a personal 2/11 year and have questions about your current relationship compatibility? Click here for an appointment today.