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July 29, 2016 - Are You Ready For Your Life To Change?

On July 29, 2016, the Astrologers agree that Uranus will station and those immediate effects will be visiting us for about two weeks. (The entire stationing/retrograde period will run through December 29, 2016). 

It is reported that change and excitement can surround this event, so it is best to look at your natal chart and find out where 24 degrees of Aries occurs.

Wherever it lands in your chart, you are being given the opportunity to review and revamp that segment of your life. 
In Numerology, July 29, 2016, brings an 11/9/9* vibration, sparking the energies of the Master Visionary and Old Wisdom from the Past.

Be aware of your thoughts that day, as it is an exceptional time of manifesting. 

Over the following two weeks, the Master Number 11 (visionary) will be with us four times, and that is not usual in a four week span. Everyone on Earth will experience its effects and be given the opportunity to reach for the positive. In the case of the Master Number 11, we are challenged to encourage, enlighten, and motivate not only ourselves, but all those we meet.  

For me, it will be transiting my 10th house of career and employment. It is already speaking to me and telling me that there is CHANGE in the near future. Perhaps you are feeling the same vibration.
Where is your 24 degrees of Aries? And how will it affect you? Please feel free to let me know in the comments below!