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Numerology: Are You Sure You Want To Use That Nickname?

Over the thousands of readings I have conducted, there are a few situations that can really get my attention:
  • When a person chooses to be called by a nickname, or
  • When a person chooses to change the spelling of their name.
In each case, we change the vibration that surrounds us, and ultimately, how people interact with us.

Let's take an example with which I'm very familiar - my own name.

Most of my friends are accustomed to hearing my name as Cheryl Patton, but there is an entire group of 18th century reenactors that only know me by the name, Abby Patton.

When using my nickname, Abby, I bring out an entirely different side of myself, and people who camp beside me during those reenactments become the recipients of food, extra blankets, cold wraps when needed, furs, fire before sunrise, etc. She's going to take care of you. It's a combination that shows a love of family, community, wanting to belong, and creating the stability of a home. 

But that was not the name my mother gave me. As Cheryl, I am very independent which performs a continual tug-of-war with my need for love/community/home. There is a gypsy heart that will probably never be satisfied, and would have fit quite nicely in the adventuresome 19th century when this country was explored. 

What happens if I change the spelling of my name to Cheryle - adding an additional E? Just the added E would turn the vibration of 1, 3, 4 to 6, 3, 9 bringing an artist's heart and soul to my life. It doesn't fare well with investments, but community and family would become that much more important. It's the symbol of a healer and it would also temper the gypsy heart I now experience. 

I was asked, how long would it take for the new vibration to take effect? It depends on the sensitivity of the bearer. It could take place that day, or three weeks later.

Before you decide to change your name, be sure to find out how it will change your life, change the people you attract, and change the relationships in your home and office. Every letter has a vibration that will either enhance or deter your most valued dreams and goals.