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Numerology: When Is A 6 Not Just A 6 And Which One Are You?

Deciphering Numerology at times is like peeling back layers on an onion.

There are moments when we must look at the combination before the final number and take note of the subtle differences that lie underneath.

For example, let's take the Number 6. For family, friends, and community, you couldn't ask for a better number. It's a social vibration, a great number for marriage and parenthood, and one that can bring about healing. So where do the loner 6s come from? 

If your 6 was derived from:

15 - We have the solitary, freedom loving 6. A tug-a-pull will always exist within this individual's soul. They want the family, but they have a gypsy heart. It's not easy to be a 15/6 as they attempt to balance the love of home and the rush they receive from looking down the next river, and over every mountain for adventure.

24 - It is the best of the family-type 6 vibrations. Love, security, stability, home, domestic pursuits, and traditional family all wrapped up into one. They fight fiercely for their loved ones, but will never be the traveling kind. The 15/6 and the 24/6 would fit at opposite ends of the spectrum. 

33 - The Master Teacher is before us with the heart of an artist. The talkative child. A wounded soul beneath that caring exterior. They will take care of the world, but who will take care of them? This is by far the toughest journey in life. It is meant as a life of service. 

60 - And this combination possesses a Sixth Sense plus the spirituality of the Divine (0). It is not the 33 that holds the key to spirituality, as healing can come from every area of life. It is the 60/6 that seeks the heart of God on Earth and understands the connection we all have with each other. 

One Number. Four different personalities and/or focuses. If you're a 6, which one are you? (Patton, 2016)