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Personal 7 Year Numerology Vibrations for August, 2016 (6 Personal Month)

(If you are unsure of what your personal year is for 2016, please scroll to the bottom of the page)**

For those who are engaged with the Lone Wolf vibration of the 7 this year, (you're not alone - I'm one), August asks us to reflect on...


They can be personal, family oriented, community based, or involve the company where you work. Perhaps you'll be asked to reassess your neighborhood or the community in which you live. 

The one thing you can be assured of is that you'll be given 31 days to contemplate your present dealings with others. Are they working for you? Are they not working for you? Whatever conclusions you arrive at, you'll be taking steps in November to either solidify them, or let them go.

Like the Hermit in Tarot, you've been sitting back and observing a lot during 2016. Perhaps it appears you'll never have a social life again, but you will. 

The 6, being a number of family, may have you looking at marriage or partnership for the future. And though 7 isn't the ideal time for bringing another individual into your life, it can be done. 

You can be assured that if a personal partner comes to you during a Personal 7 Year, it was for a reason or a season. There is also a good chance that there is a very strong 7 in their chart, thus pulling you together. This is an individual that will blend with you for more than just the physical - this is a meeting of past life or contract lovers, and you'll be joined spiritual, emotionally, and mentally as well.

If the month becomes too emotional, rest. Be mindful of your breath, and returning to the Now. Take the opportunity for a healing session (Reiki, Energy, Pranic, etc.) and don't be shy about taking care of yourself as part of your family. 

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**To find your personal year for 2016, add your birth month, date, and 2016 together. Then, reduce it to one number. For example: If you were born January 26th, you will change the month to a number (January being the 1st month - December being the 12th month) as the following: 1+2+6+2+0+1+6=18; 1+8=9. If your equation adds up to 11 or 22, write it as 11/2 or 22/4.