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August 18th - Full Moon in Aquarius With An Eclipse - Kinda, Sorta, Maybe

The Full Moon on August 18th, 2016 will not exactly be an eclipse, though they originally thought it would be.

The best we can say, is that it is a commercial for what is to come in September.

With the full moon in Aquarius, we're being given the opportunity to look at home, family, and the relationships that surround us - mainly in the area of community. 

For some, particularly if 26 degrees of Aquarius is in your 7th House, you may have to review your personal relationships as well. 

Do they fulfill your needs, and wants? Or are we merely settling because it's easier. Check out Aquarius in your birth chart and see what type of relationships you're being asked to review as not all of them will be one on one. 

In Numerology, the 18th brings about the vibration of 9/8/8* energy. A wrapping up (9), an ending of sorts for those things that do not make us feel good or serve our best interest (8). Does it mean it leaves our existence? Not necessarily, but we are being asked how do we wish to fix it or shed it?

If shedding is in your forecast, we can all agree that it is never easy. But with the double 8 we can rest assured, we will bounce back on our feet better than ever.