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August - Stationing Saturn Gives Us A Clear Path To Ummmmmm...

It is reported that FINALLY, Oh Dear God, Finally, Saturn will make its station tomorrow (August 13, 2016) in whichever house 9 degrees of Sagittarius is in your natal chart. (Mine is in my 6th house of Health). 

Normally, a station is a green light to say, "Thank Goodness, I can see the light!" but not this time. Saturn is Square dancing with Neptune and Neptune is not known for its clarity of thought. Don't get me wrong - Neptune is a lovely Wonderland after Alice gets out of the initial fun house. But unfortunately, we're not living in Wonderland and the Caterpillar is not huffin' a hookah. 

(Alice in Wonderland, July 26, 1951, Walt Disney Productions)

In the world of Numerology, August 13th is a 4/3/3* - shake it up. Both are lovely numbers, if they could just agree upon the same things. Well...that's not going to happen. 

4 is as disciplined as the 3 is carefree. 4 punches the clock with flair and pizzaz, while the 3 tries to dance around it with style and grace. 4 is in the house of stability and security while 3 is helping some 5 build a gypsy wagon. Get the idea? 

So tomorrow, balance out the two. Enjoy each moment as a NOW moment. Don't try to make plans firm and concrete. They just won't be. It'll get better.