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Numerology - 4 Personal Year for September, 2016 (4 Personal Month)

(If you are unsure of what your personal year is for 2016,
please scroll to the bottom of the page)**

September! It's the month of the Doubles!!

If you're in a 4 Personal Year, September will be a 4 Personal Month in a 4 Personal Year.

Last month, I told you that this would be quite a "homebody" month. And it will be. It's about your "castle", your home office, the studies you enjoy, and what you do for a living.

Real estate sales and purchases can be quite favorable for you this month. And though it can be a social month, you'll be guarded about who you allow into the building you call "home".

Work may get the best of you because with double 4s, "all work and no play..." might not care! But do try to take your nose from the grindstone periodically. 

Should your focus be on finances and security, take those steps you've been contemplating. It's time to take care of your stability in life. 

Don't be concerned if you feel that there just isn't enough "fun" time - you'll make up for it in October!

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**To find your personal year for 2016, add your birth month, date, and 2016 together. Then, reduce it to one number. For example: If you were born January 26th, you will change the month to a number (January being the 1st month - December being the 12th month) as the following: 1+2+6+2+0+1+6=18; 1+8=9. If your equation adds up to 11 or 22, write it as 11/2 or 22/4.