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September 1st Eclipse Triggering Numerology's 1/1/1*

It's eclipse season and the solar eclipse, which falls at 9 degrees Virgo on September 1st, 2016, will continue to create concern on the Earth.

The fact that Jupiter has to have his hand in it will tell us that much of what we're concerned about really has no basis.

Jupiter is a gas planet. You can't land on it. And one of it's specialties is the creation of excess.

Therefore, it would be best to ignore the "making mountains out of molehills" syndrome. Look for Sacred Space to escape to for a time.

In Numerology, we will once again experience vibrations that happen only one month out of nine years. It hasn't occurred since 2007 which was the last time Earth was in a Personal 9 Year.

September 1, 2016 will vibrate with the energy of 1/1/1*.

When multiples of the same number appear, the challenging side of that number tends to visit us. We don't, however, have to give in to the vibration. It'll be your choice.

Three 1s will have folks saying too much, reacting too fast, giving in to their aggressiveness, and searching for periods of isolation and seclusion.

Listen more and speak less on that day. This is not the day you want to engage in heavy conversations, particularly if it has to do with relationships.

We might even think we can do more than what is possible. Slow down, keep it safe! Superman does not live on Earth.

When in doubt, choose to wait. Choose to make decisions slow or get a second opinion. Choose to speak softly.

As in all divination arts, how we react to various situations is our choice. But forewarned is forearmed.