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September, 2016 - It Happens Only Once Every 9 Years - Extremes!

It happens only once every 9 years! The last one was 2007 and here we go again. 

So hold onto the table edge and let me tell you what to expect. 


If you are a follower of 1 Woman's Wisdom, you have seen the numerical combination formulas I've posted within my writings. Examples would look like 4/6/9*, 1/4/5*, etc. 

But just like September, 2007, this year will bring 1/1/1*, 2/2/2*, 3/3/3*, etc. And what does that mean for all of us?

in Numerology, too many of the same number in the same chart tends to bring out the challenging side of that number. It will be up to you to either impulsively act upon the vibration that settles upon the Earth, or choose to ground yourself daily using Sacred Space. 

Truly, becoming your own best friend, and opting not to make any major decisions (if possible) would be high on my recommendations.

Astrology - Eclipse of September 1, 2016

It's eclipse season and the eclipse which falls 9 degrees Virgo on September 1st, 2016 will continue its bombardment of worry and concern. Of course, we've been there for about 1 year, and the message is, "it's not over yet." Well...thank you.

The descriptive adjectives that I read regarding the upcoming month will make you wish to pack your bags and move to the top of the Rockies, or Andes. Barring that option, we're all going to experience the fallout, so I believe it's easier to just stay within your castle. I would check out your favorite Astrologer's blog to see what their take on the situation will be. 


September 1, 2016 will vibrate with the energy of 1/1/1*. Along with the astrological adjectives of anger and aggression, Numerology is going to offer you the same description. Three 1s will have some folks flying off the handle, giving in to their aggressiveness, and a host of words will be spoken that can never be retrieved. It will be important to let words lie as opposed to acting upon them.  

Listen more and speak less on that day. Try to steer clear of meetings, and if possible, set all negotiations for the the 2nd, when others will be more understanding. Try to stay away from any sport or activity whereby the sentence, "Hey Y'all, Watch This!" precedes the action. We are not invincible but on the first, we may feel we can take on Superman. 

If you are alone and working on a project undisturbed, there is probably nothing you can not attain on the 1st! However, some folks may not accept disruptions very well. 

As in all divination arts, we choose how we react to various situations. But forewarned is forearmed.