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When Numbers, Uranus, and The Queen of Swords Collide

We all have them. A day, a week, a month, or a year where you feel as if you're banging your head on a wall. And divination workers are no different.

We really don't crash course our own Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, and Pendulums (ok, sometimes we do), every minute of every day to wonder what went wrong, or why we're in the position that we experiencing. Yet, sometimes we find ourselves in the blender, just like everyone else.

And that is where I have found myself for 2016. I'm a 7 LifePath in a 7 Personal Year, in a 6 Personal Month. As a Numerologist, it's not that bad. Isolated? Yes. But it's not like taking on a 5/5/5* for 6 months! (By the way, that never happens, except in our minds). 

This past weekend, a lovely friend of mine reminded me that "Cheryl! You have Uranus transiting your mid-heaven right now." I envisioned the Tasmanian Devil beating on my head and pummeling my heart. Yes, that feels appropriate.

I've walked a million miles (or so it seems) over the past many weeks, and 90% of them have been since August 1st. Walking in nature is how the 7 relaxes and I suppose I needed more than most. I was seeking answers and I just knew I couldn't see the forest for the trees. Until Sunday.

The most difficult client a divination worker will ever read for is themselves. It's almost impossible. But the Universe was kind and I believe it was tired of my screaming for answers about life, work, relationships, you name it. 

"Ok...I will give you an answer," it responded. "But be prepared because it's going to be...very...subtle." 

I love coffee. It's a nice socially acceptable drug that allows me to relax enough to listen. And after a half cup, the answer slapped me up along side of my head with two cards and two numbers. 

Anyone who knows me, knows that I work with five Guides. And I have also been known to shuffle the pictures right off of a deck of Tarot cards. I'll shuffle for 10  minutes until I feel that vague tug in my chest. 

Then, I "look" at my Guide and say, "How Many?" And I'll receive the answer. 

He's pretty good at Tarot and really is good at communicating with a no-nonsense directness. (I asked him one time what he had done here on Earth and the answer was "as little as possible, but I got by." Oh heavens, and they gave you to me?!)

"Two," he states, and I see two fingers extended upwards. Alright, and using my laptop as a desk, I threw out the top two cards. 

The first one was easy enough - the Queen of Swords. That's me. With way too much air element in my chart (and being born the 1st of June), this is a no-brainer. 

The second one was the High Priest. We all know him as the Hierophant. He always worries me a bit, but I figure that it has to do with growing up as a Roman Catholic in the days where perfection was the key phrase for all young Catholic children.

True to form, I wasn't even going to interpret them myself. No. Too close to the situation, I opted to rely on a group of trusted interpreters for their thoughts. 

Long story made short - they ultimately agreed upon one word - Teacher. And I suddenly saw the number 4. The Teacher. My Maturity Number is the number 4. 

All of us receive a Maturity number in this lifetime and it is handed to us without effort. It's what we are here to project, experience, and practice during the second half of our lives.

It's ok - be the teacher. Be the writer like the Queen of Swords. Write on topics that create "Change" and I suddenly noticed the number 5 from The High Priest card. Change is the keyword of the number 5.

And so I am. Upon the excellent advice of a wonderful, loving counselor, Karen Hager, I shall now take my head off the wall, and look forward to what will be, as opposed to what I felt it should be.