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Numerology - 555! Lions and Tigers and Bears....Oh My!

The message of the 5 is change and with the triple 5, we expect great change. Even though we may be presented with these situations, we ultimately make the choice. 

Multiple 5s will also create feelings of:
  • chomping at the bit for moving
  • quitting anything
  • throwing things away
  • spending huge amounts of money
  • making major decisions without thinking
  • entering relationships that have no foundation
  • jumping into affairs because we have an unrealistic expectation of where it will lead
  • selecting opportunities on the spur of the moment
  • selling things we didn't want to sell
  • overwhelming boredom
  • drama!

You get the idea by now. So what's the answer for getting through a Triple 5 day?

Nature. Pure and simple. Instead of engaging in the list above, try

  • Earthing - the science of walking barefoot on the grass, sand, or dirt
  • sitting in the shade of a favorite tree - grab a cup of tea along with that
  • pulling some weeds in the garden
  • planting a tree
  • cooking a BBQ today
  • hanging your laundry outside and allow it to air dry
  • standing on the porch and breathing deeply three times
  • bringing something from nature inside the house

Today, allow nature to calm the energy of the planet and yourself.