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Numerology 6/6/6 - Don't Even Go There

For the month of September, 2016, I will be posting a short daily message reflective of the day's vibrations. This is an unusual month and this energy has not visited us for nine years. It will not be returning again until 2025.


I find it interesting that no matter how many times individuals state they do not follow Christianity, give them a 6/6/6 vibration and they immediately think the worst. Don't go there.

For others, it instills fear - it's just a number. It comes after 5 and before 7. You choose whether it has power over you or not.

6 is the number of the family, relationships, domestic pursuits, and design (fashion, jewelry, flowers, interior design, etc.). When it comes to finances, we'll have what we need, when we need it.

However, when there are three of them together, we tend to be more like the bullying parent, given the opportunity. We may also go a little bit over the top by suddenly wishing to redecorate the entire house all at once, or we might choose to be more self-sacrificing - giving up our dreams and goals for another.

This is yet another day this month whereby we will want to take some deep breaths and find balance in our lives.

If you think you wish to give up your goals and dreams today, write it out. What do you wish to accomplish, by when, and how would you like to accomplish it? No, having someone else do it for you is not an option. It will be manifested far better if you do it yourself.

Quote of the Day: If you think you can or you think you can't, you'll be right.

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed by this month's vibrations and want to know the answers as outlined by your Numerical Blueprint? Or perhaps you're needing assurance as to whether your thoughts and dreams really match the Destiny you're here to accomplish? Let's find out together!